A garden is a place that can provide you with pleasure and the chance to exercise in equal measure. A beautiful oxford garden design is one that can provide not just an added aesthetical value to your home, but also a monetary one, as well. On the other hand, a garden that is not worth looking at can portray you as a very careless homeowner. Such a garden can also cost you money especially if you are sued for bringing down the overall value of neighbouring homes with your eyesore. Ensure, therefore, that you do everything that you can to look after your garden properly.

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Plant in the Right Environment

Different garden plants, herbs, and even grass require different types of the environment to thrive. When planting, ensure that you have the right kind of soil and the right temperature to start with. If you plant at the wrong time of the year, say the winter, do not be surprised to find that your garden plants die. After all, what do you really expect with all that cold.

Soil Treatment

If you are using soil to provide a foundation for your garden, you should ensure that it has all the right nutrients. You should use animal or compost manure to increase the nutrients in the soil before and after planting your garden. You should also use mulch which will help retain the moisture within the soil for much longer.


The fact is that very few garden plants can survive without water for very long. In most cases, you will have to water your garden regularly if you are to prevent your garden plants from dying or being stunted. If you have rain, then there is no need to water your garden, However, during the summer months, things are usually vulnerable to so much sunshine. You can either water the garden yourself or use automated sprinklers, or drip irrigation systems to do so. These systems will be connected to your home water source. Alternatively, you can create water pans to harvest water during rainy months so that you can use the stored water during hot months. It all depends on what you prefer and how much you want to spend on your garden.


The conditions that encourage the growth of your garden plants are usually the same ones that encourage the growth of weeds. Unfortunately, weeds do not add any value to your garden. In fact, if you are not careful, weeds can end up destroying everything you have worked so hard to plant and grow.

You should weed your garden regularly to prevent your garden plants from dying from lack of nutrients. At times, you may be required to weed by hand, to prevent fragile plants from being damaged. At other times, you can use a hoe. If being organic is not a priority for you, then you can make use of herbicides to kill the weeds that are attacking your plants. You can also use pesticides to destroy the pests that have taken shelter among your garden plants.

If you take care of your garden, it will reward you. At the right time, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour. You just have to be patient, meanwhile.