Making your own Gardens

Birmingham is a fantastic lively city to live in, it is full of different cultures, entertainment and dining areas that make it a highly desirable location. However sometimes people need a little more green in their lives. apartments for rent in birmingham city centre can often be quite barren of green life, and it is in these situations that community gardens are so essential to maintain.

Choose the Right Professional

For you to enjoy the results of a well-planned cottage garden, then it is understood that a good professional is required. With the help of a garden landscaper who has completed construction training, you will be able to design something that makes you happy while still adhering to the environmental conditions in your home.

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Select the Right Plants

Never make the mistake of assuming that all garden flowers will do well in Oxford, because they will not. Some flowers are more fragile than others are and require controlled surroundings to thrive. Cottage gardens, however, place a strong emphasis on flowers that require little maintenance. You should, therefore, ensure that you pick sturdy garden plants that are long lasting and you will have wonderful flowers in season.

Some of the flowers that you should consider when planning a cottage garden design include Columbine, daisies, love-in-the-mist among others. All these flowering plants are capable of surviving with very little mollycoddling.

Prepare the Ground Well

The kind of soil that you have in your garden will determine the kind of flowers that you have in your cottage garden. It is important to do the preparation of the soil well, to reduce the overall work after planting is done.

The soil you use to plant the cottage garden flowers should have enough nutrients so that your flowers can have a good start. In fact, it would be better for you to determine the kind of soil that you have through soil tests, with the help of an Oxford landscape gardener. Once you do that, you can design how your garden is going to look based on the kind of soil that you have. You should aim to plant flowers in soils where they will have optimal growth.

Also, ensure that the spacing of the flowering plants is done as it should be. Cottage garden flowers are meant to look as if they grew there naturally, as opposed to by human hands. The arrangement of such flowers should, therefore, follow a more informal design, something that does not look too planned. If you can do that right, you will be able to enjoy the burst of colours once the flowers are in full bloom.

Use Fun Accessories

You can add more levels to your cottage garden by using your imagination. Make use of accessories that are able to withstand the harsh elements without compromising the integrity of the garden. Items like old wagons, woven baskets, textured flowerpots, rock enclaves can provide a unique place for you to place more cottage flowers. Also, make use of garden paths to create demarcations between different areas within the garden. If you do everything right, with the help of some of the best landscape gardeners Oxford has, then your garden will reward you.